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asphalt maintenance contractor indian riverIndian River, FL is an affluent town situated on Orchid Island. In 2019, the year-round population was estimated at slightly more than 4,300; seasonal residents were not included in the estimate, but they can significantly increase the population during the peak season. At Asphalt Care Services, we offer residential and commercial clients in Indian River Shores a wide selection of paving services, including parking lot maintenance, the installation of traffic signs and concrete bollards, asphalt paving, parking lot striping, the installation of bumper blocks and speed bumps, thermoplastic line striping, asphalt repair, and sealcoating.

A Short History of Indian River, FL

Indian River Shores was incorporated in 1953. Much of the incorporated land defined in the charter was owned by Fred Tuerk, who became the town’s first mayor. His successor, Roland Miller, served as mayor from 1961 until 1976. The first two mayors deserve a great deal of credit for their efforts on behalf of the town during its early years that helped pave the way for the amenities and public services that residents enjoy today.

Our Services in Indian River

At Asphalt Care Services, we offer our services to all types of customers in Indian River Shores, including homeowners, property owner associations, boutiques, condominiums, offices, and restaurants.

Asphalt Paving | Indian River, FL – The installation of an asphalt overlay can rejuvenate a damaged or aging paved surface at a cost that is significantly less than a reconstruction. We also offer new construction if you need to extend an existing pavement or build an entirely new pavement.
Asphalt Repair | Indian River, FL – A neglected pavement can impair the curb appeal of your property, but neglect can also cause your pavement to fail prematurely. We can repair patches of alligatored asphalt, potholes, cracks, and other forms of damage that can affect the safety, appearance, and longevity of your pavement.
Asphalt Sealcoating| Indian River, FL – Sealcoating is a superb cosmetic treatment for asphalt pavements. It evens out the surface, covers minor surface flaws, and restores the color of faded pavement. However, sealcoating is more important for its ability to protect asphalt pavements from the forces that can leave asphalt soft, dry, or more prone to damage.
Parking Lot Maintenance | Indian River, FL – The appearance of your parking lot can impact your professional image. An effective maintenance plan can help you ensure that your parking lot looks its best, is adequately protected against the elements, and offers a welcoming, safe environment for your patrons.
Parking Lot Striping | Indian River, FL – If the stripes on a parking lot are clean and crisp, the entire property can seem more appealing. However, striping also contributes to parking lot safety by reducing confusion, lessening the possibility of accidents caused by distracted drivers.
Thermoplastic Line Striping | Indian River, FL – Thermoplastic line striping can last more than four times as long as painted stripes. Thermoplastic stripes are also more resistant to damage caused by petrochemicals, and they offer better visibility, especially during nighttime hours or rainy weather.
Traffic Signage| Indian River, FL – In the early days of the automobile, the scarcity of road signs resulted in a slew of accidents and hordes of lost drivers. Parking lots without traffic signs can expect similar results. However, if signs are to be helpful, they need to be placed in the right locations, installed correctly, and maintained periodically.
Speed Bump Installation | Indian River, FL – A properly engineered speed bump can be an effective way to force drivers to slow down. Common locations for speed bumps include parking lots, subdivision streets, and on the streets adjacent to playgrounds and schools.
Concrete Bumpers | Indian River, FL – Whether you know them as bumpers, wheel stops, or car stops, these concrete blocks help drivers ensure that their vehicles are properly parked. Bumpers can also help force drivers to follow the intended flow pattern by preventing them from taking shortcuts across the rows of parking spaces.
Bollard Installation | Indian River, FL – Although people have many different reasons for wanting to have bollards installed, the common link is that they want to keep vehicles within certain boundaries. Bollards can be used to deny access to areas that are off-limits to cars; bike lanes, sidewalks, golf cart paths, gardens, and jogging trails are a few examples of this type of situation. They can be used to prevent vehicles from crashing into other objects, including storefronts, utility poles, guard shacks, and buildings. There are many other ways that bollards can be used, including reasons that have more to do with aesthetics than with security or traffic control.

If You Need the Above Services, Asphalt Care Services Will Provide Exceptional Results

Since launching our Florida asphalt maintenance company in 1993, Asphalt Care Services has gained a wealth of experience in the paving industry. Throughout the years, we have stayed abreast of changes in paving-related technologies and methodologies. Our goal on every job is to provide the client with exemplary work and unmatched customer service. If you would like a free quote, you can fill out the request form online, call our headquarters at 772-888-2840, send an email to [email protected], or call our branch office in Palm Beach at 561-855-1336.

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I would like to thank the guys at Asphalt Care. I am a Property Manager in Hobe Sound and needed our parking lots sealed and striped. I had been calling a couple of companies and getting no response. I happen to stumble across Asphalt care doing another parking lot and got there info. From the first contact with them it has been so nice to deal with a professional and friendly company. Our parking lots look really nice and I will be sure to pass there information along.