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asphalt maintenance company okeechobeeThe city of Okeechobee, FL,which is the seat of Okeechobee County, covers an area of approximately 4.15 square miles and had a population estimated at more than 5,800 in 2019. Asphalt Care Services is proud to provide homeowners and commercial establishments in Okeechobee with high-quality work and exceptional customer service whenever residents of the city need asphalt paving, bumper block or bollard installations, parking lot maintenance, asphalt repair, traffic sign installation, parking lot striping, asphalt sealcoating, thermoplastic line striping, or speed bump installation.

What Is Okeechobee’s History?

Prior to the town’s founding in 1917, nearby Lake Okeechobee was the site of a major battle between the United State Army and Seminole warriors over attempts by the federal government to force the Native American tribe to relocate to Oklahoma. The American troops were commanded by Zachary Taylor, who became the nation’s 12th president in 1849. During the 1930s, Okeechobee served as the area’s commercial center and shipped hundreds of rail cars of winter vegetables, catfish, frog legs, and poultry annually. Although the population had grown to almost 1,800 people by 1930, it declined slightly during the Great Depression before rebounding to 1,849 in 1940. In the remaining decades of the 20th century and the beginning decades of the 21st century, the population continued to grow at a steady rate.

What Are the Services Offered by Asphalt Care Services in Okeechobee, FL?

We serve a diverse range of customers, including hotels and resorts, homeowners, retail stores and shopping centers, homeowner associations, restaurants, apartment complexes, and entertainment facilities. We can provide all of the following services.

Asphalt Paving | Okeechobee, FL – Regardless of the size and intended use of the pavement, we can install a new asphalt pavement or an asphalt overlay.
Asphalt Repair | Okeechobee, FL – From filling cracks to patching potholes, we can mend your broken pavement. When it comes to asphalt pavement, a small investment in a repair today can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars later.
Asphalt Sealcoating | Okeechobee, FL – Sealcoating is considered a basic maintenance procedure, but it is extremely important as well as very economical. Maintaining your sealcoating from the time your pavement is new can often double your pavement’s useful life.
Parking Lot Maintenance | Okeechobee, FL – Your parking lot is usually the first thing that people notice about your business. A well-maintained, attractive parking lot welcomes your customers or tenants and can help you attract the right kind of attention.
Parking Lot Striping | Okeechobee, FL – A paved parking lot is a blank canvas that needs stripes and markings to eliminate distractions, maintain order, and comply with all legal requirements.
Thermoplastic Line Striping | Okeechobee, FL – Thermoplastic striping is long-lived, often lasting up to eight years. Thermoplastics are virtually impervious to damage from oil and other petrochemicals, and they have a higher reflectivity than traditional paints.
Traffic Signage | Okeechobee, FL – Properly placed signs that are mounted and maintained correctly can make your parking lot a safer place. Some signs are legally required to comply with statutes related to accessibility.
Speed Bump Installation | Okeechobee, FL – Speed bumps can be a significant safety feature wherever it is important to slow down the speed of traffic. Residential streets, parking lots, school zones, and areas surrounding playgrounds are common sites for speed bumps.
Concrete Bumpers | Okeechobee, FL – Whether you call them bumpers or wheel stops, these concrete fixtures help drivers park, enhance safety, and add the finishing touch to your parking lot.
Bollard Installation | Okeechobee, FL – Although bollards can serve a decorative purpose, most people install them to prevent drivers from going where they could harm themselves, other people, structures, fixtures, the landscape, or other vehicles.

How May We Serve You?

Asphalt Care Services is a well-regarded family-owned business serving Florida customers in Okeechobee with the pavement-related services shown above. We have more than 25 years of experience in the paving industry and are equipped to handle jobs of all sizes. We are known for the exceptional quality of our work and our integrity, customer service, and competitive rates. To request a free quote, submit the online form, call us at 561-855-1336 to reach our Palm Beach office or 772-888-2840 to reach our Martin/Indian River/St. Lucie office.

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I would like to thank the guys at Asphalt Care. I am a Property Manager in Hobe Sound and needed our parking lots sealed and striped. I had been calling a couple of companies and getting no response. I happen to stumble across Asphalt care doing another parking lot and got there info. From the first contact with them it has been so nice to deal with a professional and friendly company. Our parking lots look really nice and I will be sure to pass there information along.