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aphalt maintenance contractor west palm beachWest Palm Beach, FL, the first city incorporated in the southern part of the state, is the seat of Florida’s Palm Beach County. The city has a diverse economic base, many opportunities to engage in outdoor recreational activities, and a population that was estimated at almost 112,000 in 2019. Residential and commercial customers in West Palm Beach often rely on Asphalt Care Services to install their asphalt pavements, thermoplastic striping, concrete bumper blocks, speed bumps, traffic signs, bollards, parking lot striping, and sealcoating and to provide their asphalt repairs and parking lot maintenance.

A Brief History of West Palm Beach, FL

In prehistoric times, the area around modern-day West Palm Beach was occupied by various Native American tribes. The settlement that would become the bustling city of West Palm Beach was founded in the early 1880s, and there were more than 200 settlers in the area by 1890. Most of the settlers were engaged in agricultural pursuits, including the growing of winter vegetables and tropical fruits. West Palm Beach was incorporated as a town in 1894 and as a city in 1903. The arrival of the railroad in 1894 and the construction of luxury hotels in West Palm Beach and Palm Beach spurred tourism, and both cities grew rapidly. West Palm Beach grew by almost 400% between 1910 and 1920, increasing from 1,743 people to 8,659. Growth slowed after a hurricane in 1928 devastated the city, but no census taken from 1900 to 2010 ever recorded a decrease in the population.

What Types of Projects Are Handled by Asphalt Care Services in West Palm Beach, FL?

We handle projects of all sizes for a client base that includes shopping centers, health care facilities, office complexes, homeowners, grocery stores and other retail establishments, apartment complexes, condominium buildings, restaurants, homeowner associations and subdivisions, schools, resorts and hotels, manufacturing facilities, marinas, and recreational facilities. We offer the following list of services in West Palm Beach.

Asphalt Paving | West Palm Beach, FL – Whether you need to overlay your existing pavement or build a new one, we have the experience, skills, staffing, and equipment to handle the task correctly.
Asphalt Repair | West Palm Beach, FL – If you repair your damaged pavement quickly, you can prevent major repairs and the premature destruction of your pavement. We offer all types of asphalt repairs, including crack and pothole repairs.
Asphalt Sealcoating | West Palm Beach, FL – The most cost-effective way to potentially double the useful life of your asphalt pavement is to be proactive about maintaining your sealcoating. In addition to protecting your pavement, sealcoating will enhance its appearance.
Parking Lot Maintenance | West Palm Beach, FL – Professional maintenance helps you keep your parking lot looking its best, but it will also help it have a longer life.
Parking Lot Striping | West Palm Beach, FL – Renew the painted stripes and markings in your parking lot about every two years. Fresh paint can enhance your property’s curb appeal, make your parking lot a safer place, and ensure your compliance with federal and local laws.
Thermoplastic Line Striping | West Palm Beach, FL – A relatively new option, thermoplastic line striping can outlast paint by six years or more. Furthermore, thermoplastic lines are more reflective than paint, and they are virtually impervious to damage from vehicle fluids that may leak on your pavement.
Traffic Signage | West Palm Beach, FL – The right signs in the right locations can help you keep order in your parking lot. Signs can reduce or eliminate confusion, direct traffic throughout your lot, and reduce the number of accidents that happen on your property.
Speed Bump Installation | West Palm Beach, FL – Getting drivers to slow their speeds can sometimes be imperative if you want to help prevent accidents. Speed bumps placed in parking lots, at approaches to pedestrian crosswalks, in school zones, or in apartment complexes or residential communities can often help prevent drivers from speeding.
Concrete Bumpers | West Palm Beach, FL – Bumper blocks are typically installed in parking lots at the front ends of all stalls. Bumpers help drivers determine their position within the parking space, and they also help enforce the designated traffic pattern by preventing drivers from crossing multiple parking aisles.
Bollard Installation | West Palm Beach, FL – Bollards can be both functional and aesthetically interesting. The primary use of bollards is to prevent vehicles from going where they should not travel, thus providing an additional layer of security or protection.

When Your Asphalt Pavement Needs Care, Trust the Experts at Asphalt Care Services

At Asphalt Care Services, we have the asphalt maintenance expertise you need in Florida. We are a family-owned, family-operated firm that was launched in 1993. We are committed to keeping our prices competitive without compromising the outstanding quality of our craftsmanship. For a free quote, you can submit our online form, call 772-888-2840, send an email to [email protected], or call our Palm Beach branch at 561-855-1336.

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I would like to thank the guys at Asphalt Care. I am a Property Manager in Hobe Sound and needed our parking lots sealed and striped. I had been calling a couple of companies and getting no response. I happen to stumble across Asphalt care doing another parking lot and got there info. From the first contact with them it has been so nice to deal with a professional and friendly company. Our parking lots look really nice and I will be sure to pass there information along.